What is a Backward Caste (OBC)? Which caste comes in OBC? Check OBC List

India is a democratic majority country, where people of all religions live. In these religions, people also live in different  sub-castes , which are divided into different classes. One of these classes belongs to the OBC.

What is a Backward Caste (OBC)? Which caste comes in OBC? Check OBC List

You often hear the word OBC , but do you know which caste comes under OBC , or what the full name of OBC is? If you want to know such information, then in this post called "backward caste" (OBC), which caste comes under OBC, check OBC List.

OBC Full Form

In Hindi, OBC is called "Other Backward Classes" in Hindi language and in English language it is called OBC (Other Backward Classes). Many castes are under it.

What is the meaning of backward caste?

OBC is a popular term, also known as Other Backward Classes. Many types of castes come under this category. The OBC has its roots in Articles 16(4) and 340 of the Constitution of India. where it is grouped under the name of "Other Backward Classes." In India , the population of people under the OBC category is 42% , while only 27% of people get a reservation.

According to the report of the Mandal Commission, in 1980 , the OBCs amounted to 52% of the country's population . According to the National Survey 2006 , this number decreased to 41% . OBC is described as a socially and educationally backward class according to the Constitution of India. The OBC category has a reservation of up to 27% in employment and education in public places.

Special Features of the OBC Category [History of the OBC Reservation]

The OBC category was included in 1979 on the recommendation of the Mandal Commission. People from economically weaker sections are included in this category. Arrangements are made by the government to provide special benefits to people who fall under this category. Anyone can be in the OBC category, be it a farmer , pastor, laborer, poor or any family .

In the year 1990 , on the recommendations of VP Singh, the category of OBC was included in the Mandal Commission. A reservation of up to 27% is given by the government to people in the OBC category in national government institutions, government jobs, and educational institutions.

This category of OBC was established keeping in mind the poor conditions of the poor people of the country, who are very weak economically, educationally, and socially. The people who come in this OBC category will get this benefit of reservation, that they will be able to improve their future through reading and writing. In the past, these people, being poor, remained peasants and illiterate and were busy with farming and pastoralism. But some people of this class consider themselves superior to SC , so there is opposition between these two classes.

Benefits to OBC Category

Many types of benefits are provided by the government to people under the OBC category. People under the OBC category are given a reservation of up to 27 percent in government jobs. Where do they get the age relaxation provision?

The students who are under the OBC category are also given the benefit of a scholarship as per the rules of the schools and colleges. So that the students will not have problems in buying the necessary materials related to their studies, the burden of their families will also be lightened, and they can improve their future by having a good education.

Apart from this , all possible benefits are given by the government to the people of the OBC category. There are some such castes who get some special benefits, and there are some such castes who are not well known, because disputes often arise on such issues. The biggest benefit that the OBC category gets is the relaxation of government jobs, which makes it easier for people from these classes to get government jobs.

List of Backward Castes (OBC) (OBC Caste List in Hindi)

Who comes from a backward caste? There are many different OBC castes because it is a very large class. According to the rules of each state, different castes are included in this class. Hundreds of castes come under this category, where various types of assistance are provided.

Other Backward Classes' Caste List [Pichda Varg Jati List]

  1. Mogee (Mogya)
  2. Nai, Sain, Baid Nai
  3. Nyaay
  4. Patava (Phadal)
  5. Raiyaka, Revivi (Debaasee)
  6. Raavat
  7. Saad, Svaamee
  8. Satee-sindhee
  9. Sikaleegar
  10. Sirakeevaalee
  11. Sunaharee, Sunaharee, Sonee
  12. Tambolee
  13. Telee
  14. Thathera, Kansaara, Peva
  15. Sakka-bhishtee, Sakk-bhishtee
  16. Mochee
  17. Ranganer, Neelagar
  18. Chunagaree
  19. Jaat (Bharatapur End Dhaulapur Ke Aaut Aaut)
  20. Baree
  21. Fir/ Fakeer
  22. Kasee
  23. Silaavat
  24. Kalbee
  25. Bhatira
  26. Raay-sikh
  27. Mev
  28. Sindhee Musalamaan
  29. Deshavaalee
  30. Other

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