Aadhar Card Password - How to Open E-Aadhaar PDF

Aadhar Card Password - How to Open E-Aadhaar PDF

The Aadhar card is the document that holds the 12-digit unique social security identity of all Indians. It can be held by all residents of India and this document is a repository of biometric and demographic information of the resident. The creation of the database and implementation of all policies is done by the UIDAI or Unique Identification Development Authority of India.

How to know e-Aadhaar password?

 You can download the electronic copy of the card from the link provided by   UIDAI  The downloaded file is usually in PDF format and password protected. The password consists of 8 characters. The 8 letters are usually the first four letters of the person's first name, written in capital letters and the last four letters are usually the citizen's year of birth.

The password improves the security cover of the file and gives the PDF format a digitally stable file, with a password that increases the encryption of the file. Password knowledge is very important especially if one loses the original copy of Aadhaar or gets destroyed due to an accident.

Downloading e-Aadhaar?

Visit the official website of UIDAI -   https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/   and follow the steps mentioned below to download the electronic copy of your Aadhaar.

  • The first tab you will find is the Personal Details section. You can fill in the Enrollment ID that appears on the acknowledgment receipt. Enrollment ID is a 14 digit number. You can also fill your 12 digit Aadhar card number.
  • In the next step you need to fill in your full name. The name you fill must match the name you used while registering with UIDAI.
  • The next tab should contain your postal code and your mailing address that you used for basic registration.
  • You will then be asked to reproduce the exact image as text on the next line for verification purposes.
  • Enter the mobile number already registered in the UIDAI repository.
  • The website will send you a one-time verification password to your registered mobile number.
  • Use that verification number on the screen tab. Click the Validate and Download button.
  • The deer PDF file will automatically download.

How to Open E-Aadhaar Card PDF After Download?

Download Aadhar Card with Face Verification

You can visit the UIDAI website and follow the steps:

  1. Enter your Unique Identification Number
  2. Enter the captcha provided to you
  3. Click Face Auth Feature for Aadhaar Download Using Face
  4. The webcam will scan your face
  5. The scanned image can be cross-referenced with the image in the UIDAI database
  6. After verification, you will be asked to take a survey
  7. Follow this by clicking on the Click and Verify tab
  8. The electronic copy of Aadhaar will start downloading automatically.

E-Aadhaar Card Benefits

First, if you have updated your personal information with UIDAI, you don't need to visit their official centers to get the updated Aadhaar.  Your updated information will be visible the same after you  download  your Aadhar card.

Since Aadhaar is equivalent to social security identity in most Western countries, the government is trying to link most personal documents to Aadhaar to get a more holistic view of the individual and a fair idea about his general profile. ,  Individuals can also be a part of beneficiary schemes and subsidies with the help of Aadhaar. Apart from the known benefits, Aadhaar has other uses as well.

  1. Direct Benefit Transfer   : This scheme involves that if you link your Aadhaar with your bank accounts, you will get the cash benefit or subsidy directly transferred to your account. Most of the schemes in question are subsidy schemes and unemployment benefits. Other schemes that come under the domain of DBT are LPG reimbursement and MGNREGA. Crop insurance benefits are also said to be included but many proxy beneficiaries are not included.
  2. Biometric Records   : Biometric attendance facilities, once linked to the database, will help public offices keep a close watch on lateness and absenteeism. This system can correct the serious problem of delays and defects in the functioning of public offices. Many will also benefit, especially those who are regulars. These records may be helpful when considered for evaluation.
  3. Various Uses   : It is proposed that everyone should have Aadhaar. People with Aadhaar have found that they can get their passport in a matter of weeks. The Ministry of External Affairs also considers it useful and wants to link Aadhaar with passport. Now Aadhaar information is also important while buying a SIM card and the in-charge of the ministry also wants to link Aadhaar and SIM. The Election Commission of India has also proposed to link Aadhaar with the voter's photo identity. This system will be a game changer in Indian voting culture as it will stop fake voters.
  4. Employees Provident Fund Organization of India   : This organization primarily responsible for providing PF to retired employees has not only linked PF accounts with Aadhaar but is now working with UIDAI as their registrar.
  5. Ration Card   : Some states have taken the responsibility of linking Aadhar card with ration card to prevent the spread of fake ration cards.

Important things to remember about Aadhar Card

  • No one can download Aadhar card if some mobile number is not registered with UIDAI
  • UIDAI sends an OTP to the registered mobile number for verification before the card can be downloaded
  • The card cannot be downloaded without OTP
  • Downloaded Aadhaar can be used anywhere instead of hard copy.

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